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The Rise of Jaguar's XJS Convertible

March 7, 2014


The Jaguar E-Type was a legendary car, but the model that followed the E Type, the XJS, is much less well known but has excellent potential as an investment vehicle.

We are seeing dramatic rises in the values of good XJS Convertibles, and I guess that it is only fitting that this should be the case, given that the XJS was a more refined and " Smoother " car than the E-type, both from the perspective of driveability as well as of interior appeal. The E-Type had no wood features to speak of on the inside, and of course this was remedied with the full leather interior of the XJS that had wood grain dash segments and door cappings.

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History of Classic Car Investing

January 3, 2014


We at Classic And Race Investments can now give you the oppurtunity to Capitalise on the Classic car Investment Boom in Europe as well as in Australia. By utilising our factory facility in London, we can now ship your Classic Car into Australia, undertake all of the Compliance and Registration work, and do anything else that is required to put your Dream Investment on the road in Australia.

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