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Highest Returning Classic Cars Investments History



Welcome to the world of Classic Car Industry. A world that is exotic, exciting, rewarding and lucrative. This is a world in which some cars have been sold for £1000, and some have been sold for $52,000,000. It is world of beauty and prestige, of little and large, beautiful, and the weird. It is a world of excitement and passion, where dreams are turned into reality, and where fortunes can be made through dilligence and persistence. Come inside and have a look around at how you can make significant returns from a really exciting purchase that will bring you joy and special moments......... Whilst we offer no investment advice whatsoever, in any way, shape or form, we are able to report on the massive worldwide industry that is Classic Car Investment, for it is just like Art in many ways, where one painting can be worth millions while another is not. It is just simply a matter of buying the right car or painting.

Here is a little of the history of Classic Car Investing in 3 countries of the World......


The Classic Car Industry in Europe

The Industry began in Europe, and so it is only logical to see that it is an industry which has many of it's original foundations in the United Kingdom and across Germany, France, Italy and Belgium. Whereas 20 years ago left hand drive cars were of very little value in the U.K., they are now worth as much, and in some cases more than a right hand drive car, as they are now sold to astute Investors from Belgium and Germany that flock across the Channel to snap these cars up and return them to Europe itself. There are now 7 major weekly 82 or more page newspapers on the Industry, as well as 5 monthly full colour magazines. There are 28 major Classic Car Shows throughout the U.K. during each years, some with as many as 1600 cars on show and for sale. In addition, there are 16 television shows on the subject that can be seen every night of the week on the Discovery Channel, as well as others on free to air channels. The website of CarandClassic.co.uk features a feast of Classic and Collectable Cars

The Industry has gone through a massive boom over the last 10 years, which has fortunately now levelled off to a point where sustainable returns of 25-33% per annum are extremely easy to achieve with the correct guidance.


The Classic Car Industry in The United States of America

The concept  of Classic Car Investing has established itself as a major way of creating some major incomes in the United State of America over the past 20 years, especially Pre-GFC. This has been mainly due to the involvement of some iconic people, as well as many television shows and newspaper artircles on the Industry, and has been fast and very substantial. There have been many, many cases of discoveries of " Barn Finds ", which are cars that were stored 10 to 20 years ago, quite literally in barns, and have now come been re-discovered, cleaned up and sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sometimes millions. Men such as J.J. Leno is one of many people to have capitalised and promoted the Classic Car Industry, having made millions with his cars as well as his television work.


The Classic Car Industry in Australia

This is one of the most exciting markets of all, as Australia has just experienced a period of very high growth from the Mining and Resources Sector, which has brought great wealth to some parts of the country and economy.

The Classic Car Investments in Australia were originally confined to Holden's and Ford's, which were the only 2 Motor Car manufacturers in the country for many years. This was the case up until the entry of both Toyota and Mitsubishi, who both opened assembly plants in the country, to bring some competition to the original car makers. This meant that throughout the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's Holden and Ford really had no major competition, and so cars were built, although they were not to the same standard as those of Europe and America. There were a couple of notable exceptions though, and one was the Holden Hk Monaro, which has now gone on to become very valuable. Another example was the Ford Falcon GTHO Phase 3, which could collect in excess of $700,000 not so long ago. These cars have now dropped in value considerably, as they only appeal to a percentage of 22 Million people, whereas the cars that we buy, being European Classics, appeal to a percentage of the entire world. The Ford Falcon GTHO Phase 3 was built in limited numbers, and had great performance and good handling, and so has some of the hallmarks of a true Classic Car.

As a result of the Mining Boom in Australia that is long since passed, there are a group of people in Australia that became very, very wealthy, and have been looking for wise investments with the greatest returns. Due to the fact that the Share Market worldwide has only experienced very minor earnings for many years now, and that property in Australia has also been a little flat in some states of the country for some time now, astute Investors have now turned to Classic Cars. Fortunately there are quite a few " Barn Finds " in Australia as well as America, and so there have been many cases of cars found in the Outback being sold back to Europe.

As a result, prices are now rising very fast. There were over 20 Jaguar E-Type Convertible's advertised on Carsales.com.au for well under $100,000 during 2015, although now those same cars are realising $200-400,000, with some examples will soon be over $500,000 as 2017 rolls on. The Classic Car Boom has started well in Australia, and as with most things in Australia will realise unprecedented growth for those that get in early, as the country does tend to see massive rises followed by corrections.

Once again, we offer no investment advice, we just buy classic cars that are about to rise rapidly in value, and then re-sell them when they have tripled in value. To become part of this Industry, please consider joining our Buying Group, which consists of some very, very astute identities.