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More recent Classic Car Auction results

March 22, 2014


As published in the 5th of March, 2014 issue of Classic Car weekly, the forthcoming Bonhams of Oxford Auction has a heavenly mix of affordable Classic cars that are all on the rise. There is a Spanish Registered 1964 Bentley S3 Continental Coupe that has been completely restored, and looks absolutely stunning and only requires a new owner to be complete. The car was first delivered by Loxhams Garages Ltd, and was fitted with many special features such as a Marchal foot operated horn. The expected Auction return is GB£55,000 to GB£65,000 ( AU$ 101,851 - AU$ 120,370 ).

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New Series of Wheeler Dealers coming up on the Discovery Channel

March 22, 2014


There is a brand new series of the ultimate Classic Car Show coming up, Wheeler Dealers. Mike Brewer and Ed China are back at it again, buying, restoring and reselling Classic Cars. The first episode has already been seen by British viewers, having gone to air on the 17th of March, 2014. The guys have lots of exciting new projects on the go in this latest series, and amongst them are a Ford Fiesta XR2, a Citroen 2CV ( Deau Cheveaux ), and an Amphicar 770.

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Auction Update for Recent Classic Cars

March 18, 2014


There have been many Classic Cars sold since December, 2013, and prices have risen dramatically.

Firstly, it was rewarding to see that Jaguar XJS values have continue on their fast upward trend, with the sale of a Lister XJS at the 9th of December Bonhams Auction achieving  GB£39,100 ( AU$ 73,773 )  which has taken the XJS prices at Bonhams Auctions to new heights.

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The Fun of Owning a Classic Car

March 18, 2014


Because Classic Cars can quite often be Performance Cars, they are often suitable to go Motor Racing with. Many, many people are now beginning to enjoy their Pride and Joy in this way, and have entered into Classic and Historic Motor Racing and Rallying. There are many different types of cars used, from the beautiful and very expensive Jaguar E-Types and Ferrari 308's and 328's right through to MG Midgets and Triumph Spitfire's

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The Significant Rise in Revenue from Classic Car Restoration Centres

March 14, 2014


The Significant Rise in Revenue from Classic Restoration Centres

All over Europe Classic Car Restoration Centres have been popping up to cope with the massive demand for those that wish to turn their latest " Barn Find " into their next Great Investment. As a result of the extensive television and newspaper coverage in Europe of the Classic Car Boom, there are now more people getting into this form of Investment than ever before, and so now the demand for companies to restore older Classic Cars has reached new heights as we move into 2014.

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The Trusty Triumph Stag finally receives some recognition.

March 11, 2014


Since time began, or more exactly since the Triumph Stag and Triumph TR6 were built alongside each other at British Leyland's factory, the TR6 has always far outstripped the Stag in terms of growth. The TR6 went from a GB£4000 (AU$7547 ) car in 1969 to the lofty heights of GB£20-25,000 ( AU$ 37,000-47,000 ) in 2014 for a really immaculate example, and even more for an extremely low-mileage and original rust free car with Full Service History, whereas the humble, yet lovely Stag only rose to approximately GB£4500. However, they are now on the rise...............

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The Rise of Jaguar's XJS Convertible

March 7, 2014


The Jaguar E-Type was a legendary car, but the model that followed the E Type, the XJS, is much less well known but has excellent potential as an investment vehicle.

We are seeing dramatic rises in the values of good XJS Convertibles, and I guess that it is only fitting that this should be the case, given that the XJS was a more refined and " Smoother " car than the E-type, both from the perspective of driveability as well as of interior appeal. The E-Type had no wood features to speak of on the inside, and of course this was remedied with the full leather interior of the XJS that had wood grain dash segments and door cappings.

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History of Classic Car Investing

January 3, 2014


We at Classic And Race Investments can now give you the oppurtunity to Capitalise on the Classic car Investment Boom in Europe as well as in Australia. By utilising our factory facility in London, we can now ship your Classic Car into Australia, undertake all of the Compliance and Registration work, and do anything else that is required to put your Dream Investment on the road in Australia.

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