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$170 Million paid for Classic Car Collection by Jaguar/Land Rover

July 26, 2014


$170 Million purchase of Classic cars made by Jaguar/Land Rover

A Classic Car collection of 543 cars that was owned by Dr. James Hull has been sold to Jaguar Land Rover, who have purchased the entire collection.

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Imola remembers Senna 20 years after fatal crash

by Reuters | May 6, 2014


Reuters, UK
By: Isla Binnie

IMOLA, Italy - Twenty years after Ayrton Senna died at Imola's race track, the town is gearing up to honour a Formula One driver it remembers as much for his charity and charisma as his three world championship wins.

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Investing in Classic Cars

by Paul Fraser | May 6, 2014


Paul Fraser, Paul Fraser Collectibles

Sleek fender lines, chrome grills, plush vintage interiors... No wonder the international designer Ralph Lauren once described classic cars as "moving works of art."

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Investing In Classic Cars Is A Good Idea

by David Atkin | May 6, 2014


David Atkin, LinkedIn

Classic cars are a good investment that more people need to pay attention to, more people need to see the value in them and restore them. There are of course survivors out there that need no heavy restoration work and these are the truly valuable cars.

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Aston Martin Works hosts unique Classic car Investment Seminar

by Boxcore News | April 28, 2014


Boxcore News

Inaugural event set to share expert knowledge on classic car market

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Classic car investments differ substantially from classic car collections

by Newsday | April 28, 2014


Newsday, USA
By: Steve Linden

Any regular reader of this column will know that I have long advised collectors to buy a classic car because they want it, and to “leave the investing to the investors.”

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Flipping classic cars what you need to know before you invest

by Daily Finance | January 13, 2014


Daily Finance
By: Hank Coleman

Is investing in the classic car market the next big thing? If so, is it right for you?

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Classic cars, watches and art beat shares

by Financial Times | January 8, 2014


Financial Times, UK
By: Lucy Warwick-Ching

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Classic cars and watches outperform global stock markets

by The Telegraph | January 6, 2014


The Telegraph, UK
By: Ben Martin

Coutts found that so-called "passion investments" climbed 77pc since 2005.

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Classic Cars: A Good Investment?

by The Gentlemen's Journal | December 19, 2013


The Gentlemen's Journal, USA

Warren Buffett once said, “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.” Today his wealth is estimated at $47 billion, making him the world’s third richest person.

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How to get rich quick: Buy a classic car?

by CNN | December 2, 2013


By: Stephanie Ott

If investing in credit default swaps or commodity derivatives doesn't exactly fill your heart with a sense of wonder and excitement, then a product with a little more va-va-voom could be a surprisingly viable alternative: vintage cars.

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3 killer classic car investments

by Fox News | October 17, 2013


Fox News, USA
By: Rob Sass

Here are some of our favorite killings in the classic car market

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Classic cars leave other investments standing

by The Independent | September 20, 2013


The Independent, UK
By: Simon Read

Prices are racing ahead and vintage vehicles can even get you a tax break

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Classic cars prove to be an investment vehicle with top performance

by The Guardian | September 7, 2013


THE Guardian Newspaper, UK
By: Terry Macalister

Forget stocks and shares, the FT and the London Stock Exchange: the truly savvy investor is buying up classic cars, reading Octane.

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Classic Cars Trump Luxury Real Estate for Return on Investment

by Forbes Magazine | August 10, 2013


Forbes Magazine, USA
By: Carla Passino

A recent study by global real estate advisor Knight Frank discovered that cars like Ferraris, Bugattis and Bentleys increased their value by 21% over the last six months and by 28% over the last year. By comparison, prime real estate in central London grew by 7% in the last 12 months and gold saw a 23% decline.

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