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2015 is Looking Fantastic !!

January 4, 2015
2015 is Looking Fantastic !!

2015 is Looking Fantastic !!.

Following on from a 2014 that was somewhat difficult for many people, we feel that 2015 is looking great, as all of the stars align to make this year one of the best ever.

Last year was unfortunately coloured by some major events that were not so great, such as the loss of the Malaysian Airlines MH 370 aircraft, which was later compounded with the loss of MH 17 as well, over Ukraine. We had a painful siege in Martin Place Sydney towards the end of the year, and there was of course the passing of some great film and stage actors in 2014.

That said, this year feels different, and not just because the number is an uneven one. The Mining Boom in Australia is now becoming a distant memory, and those working in that sector are diminishing as are those in manufacturing, the demise of which was caused by our higher dollar that came as a result of investors pouring cash into our mining sector in the boom. So while BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Fortescue will always be there mining iron ore and other commodities, they may well be on their own as things settle once more. We will have no Car Industry within 2 years from now, and so most of Australia's income over the next few years will most likely come from dealings done overseas, now that the United Kingdom and the United States are becoming strong again, and want what we have.

We see the price of Classic Cars dropping here in Australia over the coming 24 months, whilst values will continue their meteoric rise in Europe and the United States. There will be some folk that bought Classic Cars and Exotics during the Mining Boom, that may well now choose to sell those same cars over the next little while. After all, what is our Industry now ?.

We have seen a massive rise in demand for Classic Cars from our U.K. operation, and due to our presence in the market there are in the luxurious position of knowing what people are asking for well before it is actually written about anywhere. We now have Investors joining us almost daily, and so we really are looking forward to this Fantastic Year !!. If you feel like getting involved before you see any more Classics that you were "Gonna" buy end up doubling in value, call us !!.  

Regardless of what you choose to do for you and your family, we wish you a Fabulous 2015.




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