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Ever wanted a car that looks like a Classic, and drives like a new car ?

February 10, 2018
Ever wanted a car that looks like a Classic, and drives like a new car ?

The Modified Restoration Movement is growing

As with everything in the Classic Car Industry, the Modified Restoration part of it is growing fast. After all, there are a growing number of younger people entering the Classic Car Market, mainly with the Modern Classic's, which were primarily built in the 1990's, and have ice cold air conditioning, fuel injected engines with advanced ECU's, ABS for those that need it, four wheel drive and doors and windows that open and shut properly.

Many companies around the world are now taking cars that look great, and modifying them by installing running gear, suspension and brakes from current cars. The results are cars that look great, sound great, drive really well, and steer, turn and brake like a car from today.

In a world where all cars look the same, this is a very welcome option for those that are not so familiar with the mechanics of 1970's and 1980's cars. Eagle UK, are one company that jumped into this space many years ago, and have turned out some amazing Jaguar E-Type's that are now worls renowned. Frontline Developments have done some amazing things with the humble MGB, and Singer have turned old, undriveable Porsche 911's into race cars that are road legal, and loads of fun to drive.

As the attached news article shows, Range Rover's are also receiving the upgrade treatment, as well as the beautiful Alfa Romeo 105 Series, as well as Land Rover's and even and AMC Javelin. These options could be the answer to you're Classic Car Dream, if you want the best of both worlds.

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