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How accurate were our September 2016 Classic Car value predictions ?.

January 24, 2017
How accurate were our September 2016 Classic Car value predictions ?.

Our value predictions the last quarter of 2016 in Australia turned out to be quite accurate. We used our 30 years of experience to accurately predict the value rises throughout the following 3 month period, back on the 30th, September, 2016. Please feel free to refer back to the Blog that we compiled in late September to see the actual figures that we spoke of then.

Our predictions were :

                                              Our September prediction                   Actual Value                      3 Month

                                                    for December, 2016                    in December, 2016             rise in value

Aston Martin DB7                   $140,000                                                   $118,600                             $43.600

Datun 240Z                                $126,000                                                   $98,000                               $23,000

Ferrari Testarossa                 $500,000                                                   $485,400                            $25,400

Ferrari 456                                  $265,000                                                 $205,800                             $14,800

Jaguar XJS Convertible       $72,000                                                    $70,000                              $31,500

Lotus Esprit V8                          $165,000                                                    None Available to purchase                 

Mitsubishi 3000 GTO             $50,000                                                  $36,220                                $22,220

Nissan R32 GTR                         $75,000                                                  $75,140                               $48,540

Porsche 928                               $125,000                                                  $85,000                              $47,500  

Porsche 944 (2.5)                     $55,000                                                   $42,800                               $20,100

As we have previously stated, these figures are compiled from the Australian Classic Car Valuation Tool, which tracks the adverstised prices across seven (7) different forms of advertising platforms, from websites to the best known magazines and other publications in Australia.

For further information on the valuations, and how the market is moving, please call us on our Freecall Number, which is : 1800 001017. We are now VERY actively involved in the restoration of vehicles to meet the demand of this rapidly rising market, and are out purchasing considerable volumes of cars daily now.

This is an ever-growing market that out-strips real estate by some considerable margin. These cars are scarce, and will NEVER be built again. We can always build more houses.



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