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How could you have done in 2018 ?

July 3, 2019
How could you have done in 2018 ?

How well could you have done in 2018 ?

Some of the Classic and Collectible Cars that we purchased across 2017-2018 have now stopped growing, and so will sit level for a while. Most of these cars are sold, and so we are on to the next group of cars with exceptional growth.

The list below shows a couple of examples that we purchased in 2017, and the growth that was experienced by us up to the point of sale 6-12 months later :

July, 2017 July, 2018
Toyota Supra JZA80 TT $29,420 $76,600
Range Rover 2 Door  $14,200 $57,500
Ferrari 308 GTB (On the way down) $185,000 $130,000
Jaguar XJS Convertible $26,600 $88,000
Lotus Esprit S1 $68,300 $148,200
Mitsubishi 3000 GTO $10,500 $24,400
Nissan R34 GTR V-Spec NR $200,000 $270,000
Mazda RX7 Series 1 $8,600 $28,500


Naturally, all of these cars are from other Collector's in our Network, and are selected on 52 major points of originality which include build numbers, full provenance, the correct colour, trim, engine and gearbox combinations, with matching numbers for the engine, transmission and chassis.

There are over 40 cars that are just about to explode in value, and we are purchasing large numbers of them now. Should you wish to be part of the action, please call us without delay, as all of our existing Investor's want more of the forthcoming gains.



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