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Property Investing finally dead in Australia

by THE BUSINESS with ABC | September 3, 2020
Property Investing finally dead in Australia

We have always said that it was only a matter of time..........

For a generation now, Austyralians have believed that Property Investing was a wise choice. That has now ended, with prices now dropping and a whole raft of properties about to hit the market, just prior to when the panuic sets in.

At the end of this month, the "holiday'' that the banks have given mortgage holders will end. Additionally, the Jobkeeper payments will drop by $300 per fortnight. On top of that, the large numbers of international investors that spent big in Australia are no more, and many businesses will collapse over the next few months, when governement support ceases and job losses inevitably occur.

So sell, sell, sell now before the values drop too greatly.

Then invest is something that has had 16.8% upside since March, 2020. Call us to find out how to really make money.



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