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The Japanese way is the new way.......

October 4, 2017
The Japanese way is the new way.......

The Japanese way is the new way.......

As we have so often predicted, Japanese cars are now firmly in the sights of all of our great Collector friends. They have stated their intentions very clearly with regard to specific makes and models of Collectible Japanese cars, and no message is any clearer than with the significant value rise of the sensational Nissan GTR R34 V-Spec NR.

This car, along with several other great Japanese Supercars, has absolutely skyrocketed, almost doubling in value in just six (6) months. The GTR has always been a stalwart of car enthusiasts the world over, ever since the famious "Godzilla" made it's debut at Australian Nissan dealerships in the early nineties.

Now that we have a fast rising sector of the Classic Car market that is set to race up the charts from a very low base, now is the time to get in.................before missing out AGAIN..............as so many "gonna's did with the recent incredible rises in more traditional Classic Cars. After all, we were the ones that purchased many Jaguar XJS Convertible's 18 months ago for $10-15,000, which are now selling for $50-85,000 on Carsales.com.au !.

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