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Up 91% for Iso Grifo and down 6.3% for Ferrari 275 GTB

Up 91% for Iso Grifo and down 6.3% for Ferrari 275 GTB

The boom in the values of our Investment Cars continues...............

As reported on page 17 of the September, 2021 issue of Thoroughbred and Classic Cars, all of our cars have risen in value yet again, galvanising the fact that we are in a Boom once again. Whilst much of Russ's report relates to the United Kingdom market, values have actually risen much more significantly in Australia. As we all know, the secret with Collectible Car Investing is to purchase WELL BEFORE the rise begins, which is why we purchase cars for our Investors 6-9 months before they hit the news.

Whilst it is interesting to see that the Rover SDI has now finally seen value gains, the usual drop from several cars with famous badges has continued as we have predicted many, many times, which is why we move them on well BEFORE they drop. Here are a couple of the statistics over the past 3 months, as reported in the magazine :

The rising Collectible Cars

Rover Vitesse SDI TP                                                              Up 65%

Alfa Romeo GTV V6 Cup                                                        Up 30%

Lotus Elan Plus 2                                                                     Up 25%

Nissan Skyline GT-R R33                                                       Up 33%

It is of course too late to capitalise on the values of these cars, as they will now stop growing, and so we move on into the next 72 great Collectible Investment Cars that will boom in 6 months time.

The dropping Collectible Cars

Ferrari 308 GTB grp                                                                 Down 2.5%

Ferrari 365 GTC                                                                         Down 3.3%

Lamborghini 400 GT                                                               Down 5.1%

Porsche Carrera 3.2 Supersport                                        Down 6.3%

Call us now to discover which cars will rise in value over the next 6 months.



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