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Up 94% for Mazda's RX7 S1, 45% for the Scimitar GT as well as a 20% gain for the Volvo 240 !.

Up 94% for Mazda's RX7 S1, 45% for the Scimitar GT as well as a 20% gain for the Volvo 240 !.

The endless rise for our Investment Cars continues.

Thoroughbred and Classic Cars Magazine has delivered awesome data yet again on page 17 of the December, 2021 issue. As always, all of our cars have risen in value significantly over the preceding 3 month period, as we only acquire cars that we know will rise rapidly, well before they actually do. Whilst much of Russ Smith's report relates to the United Kingdom market, values have actually risen much, much more rapidly in Australia as well as other countries. As is well known , we purchase cars for ourselves and for Investors 6-9 months before they hit the news.

Now that interest in certain specific models of Japanese Collectible Cars is rising, it is great to the that the Evo VI is now booming globally as we have predicted so, so many times. Naturally, the usual drop from several cars with famous badges has continued as we have spoken of often, which is why when we purchase them, we move them on well BEFORE they drop.......quickly !. Here are a couple of the statistics over the past 3 months, as reported in the magazine :

The rising Collectible Cars

Lotus Esprit Turbo                                                                             Up 17%

Hillman Hunter GLS                                                                          Up 99%

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI                                                                 Up 29%

Renault Clio Williams                                                                       Up 26%

It is of course too late to capitalise on the values of these cars, as they will now stop growing, and so we move on into the next 84 great Collectible Investment Cars that will boom in 6 months time.

The dropping Collectible Cars

Ferrari 250 GT PF Coupe                                                                  Down 6.9%

Bentley R-Type Continental                                                           Down 2.8%

Fiat 124 Spyder                                                                                   Down 2.9%

Porsche 911 Carrera (996)                                                              Down 4.0%

Call us now to discover which cars will rise in value over the next 6 months.



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