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UP 99%, yes 99% in 3 months for an awesome Hillman, up 20% for the ultimate fastest 4 seater Lotus.

UP 99%, yes 99% in 3 months for an awesome Hillman, up 20% for the ultimate fastest 4 seater Lotus.

Whilst the past quarter is traditionally a low-growth period of time, this past 3 months has been the strongest in many years. A number of cars that we had previously invested in during past growth cycles 4 years ago have suddenly come back to life in a massive way.

Russ Smith's latest report for May 2024 shows some awesome sale results across the past 3 months on page 17 of the latest issue of Thoroughbred and Classic Cars Magazine, for cars that we had previously purchased. He has recorded sales of the Talbot Sunbeam have gained a whopping 40% over this time, with a Volvo and a Ford making it into the "over10% club".

With yet more investors flocking to us as they ditch all of the other dropping asset classes such as property and tech following huge drops, our skills in selecting ALL the cars that will double or triple in the near future becomes simpler.

Here a few examples of "Old News" cars that are now historical, for those that have to rely on purchasing from advertisements and auctions have been acquiring too late in the growth cycle :

The rising Collectible Cars

Talbot Sunbeam Lotus                                                           Up 40%

Volvo 164 estate                                                                        Up 20%

Rover Mini                                                                                    Up 18%

Ford Granada 3.0                                                                      Up 18% 

It is of course too late to capitalise on the values of these cars, as they will now stop growing, and so we move on into the next 62 great Collectible Investment Cars that will boom in 3-6 months time.

The dropping Collectible Cars

BMW Z3M Roadster                                                                    Down 4.8%

Mercedes-Benz 300A saloon                                                  Down 5.9%

Lamborghini Jalpa                                                                     Down 3.8%

Facel Vega FV                                                                                Down 6.5%

Call us now to discover the 62 cars that will double in value over the next 6 months, and then read about in this section AFTER they have ri



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