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How to get rich quick: Buy a classic car?

by CNN | December 2, 2013


By: Stephanie Ott

If investing in credit default swaps or commodity derivatives doesn't exactly fill your heart with a sense of wonder and excitement, then a product with a little more va-va-voom could be a surprisingly viable alternative: vintage cars.

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3 killer classic car investments

by Fox News | October 17, 2013


Fox News, USA
By: Rob Sass

Here are some of our favorite killings in the classic car market

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Classic cars leave other investments standing

by The Independent | September 20, 2013


The Independent, UK
By: Simon Read

Prices are racing ahead and vintage vehicles can even get you a tax break

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Classic cars prove to be an investment vehicle with top performance

by The Guardian | September 7, 2013


THE Guardian Newspaper, UK
By: Terry Macalister

Forget stocks and shares, the FT and the London Stock Exchange: the truly savvy investor is buying up classic cars, reading Octane.

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Classic Cars Trump Luxury Real Estate for Return on Investment

by Forbes Magazine | August 10, 2013


Forbes Magazine, USA
By: Carla Passino

A recent study by global real estate advisor Knight Frank discovered that cars like Ferraris, Bugattis and Bentleys increased their value by 21% over the last six months and by 28% over the last year. By comparison, prime real estate in central London grew by 7% in the last 12 months and gold saw a 23% decline.

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