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Get involved with Classic Cars for Sale in Australia

Option 1. Purchase a car during 2019, and then sell it 12 months later for 24-50% more.

Because we know which unique cars to purchase, and which ones to walk away from, we are always able achieve a very high Return On Investment ( ROI ). In real terms, this means that you could purchase a classic car during 2019, and the re-sell it in 2020 for a minimum additional 20-40% on top of the original amount that you paid for the car initially, now that the Classic Car Boom has hit Australia. If you had purchased a Toyota Supra JZA80 last year for $25,000 you would receive up to AU$80,000 in return now in 2019, providing it was a good car with provenance. You could therefore have one year of happy motoring and special moments in lovely places with your unique car, whilst it rises in value every single day. Clearly, the classic car that you will originally choose to purchase would need to be from our list of the ones that rise the most year on year, and that classic car would also need to be priced according to reasonable market pricing at the time of purchase. The vehicle of your choice will also need to be exactly the right make and model of vehicle, as many classic cars rise in value, although some do not, and some can actually drop (some Ferrari and Porsche models), although there are not too many of these thankfully. Basically, almost all of the really unique cars rise now, and so it just depends on by how much. You could choose to ignore what is happening now, and is plain to see on Carsales.com.au, or you could take action and join our Buying Group. Many will sit back and wait...........for someone else to get involved first, by which time the Boom will be over, with just morsels left. Either way, we wish you the very best.



Option 2. Allow us to restore your dream car, and then return a minimum yield of 32% on your investment 12 months or so later

As an alternative to purchasing a classic car from Supercar Secrets, you may wish to choose to have us restore one of your vehicles, providing that it resides within the group of cars that are known by us to be appreciating in value, year on year. This process involves exactly the same work commitment by us as we apply to our own vehicles, and results in your cars being returned to it's former glory, and being completed in an " As new ", or " As original " way.

This process differs from Option 1 only in that you supply the original vehicle to us, and you then pay us for the restoration of that classic car upon completion. The final result is however the same, as we will pay you the market value of your car in one years time, with the additional 32% 12 month appreciation being added to that figure.

One of our vehicle restorations begins by completely stripping the classic car all the way back to a bare bodyshell, which is then bead blasted using plastic pellets, which cause NO damage at all to the original surfaces of the bodywork. All of the removed parts are carefully tagged, labelled and stored, awaiting the reconditioning of EVERY part. The work undertaken is as follows :