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Classic Cars For Sale

Classic Cars For Sale

We, and our Investors are constantly refreshing our Car Collections, and we do this by purchasing, restoring, and then occasionally re-selling the cars when they have stopped growing in value.

Whilst these transactions almost always occur with sales directly between Collector's and ourselves, there are occasionally some cars which are excess to requirements. These cars shown below are just a small sample of some of the great cars that we have that may become available for purchase by new Investors.

The cars and the prices detailed here do not reflect current Classic Car Market prices, nor do the cars or prices reflect ANY of the cars that are about to be part of the next 50 or so cars that are about to experience significant value growth. Instead, the details shown simply reflect cars that are now for sale at a certain figure, regardless of the values within the Classic or Modern Classic Car market. Some are higher than market value, and some are lower. Almost every one of these cars are part of the last boom in values, and DO NOT represent any cars that will boom in value in the near future.


    Engine:6 Cyl, 2500 cc, 150 HP Version
    Transmission:4 Speed Manual, with Overdrive
    Body Type:Sports

    Sadly these great cars saw a rise during the European boom, and then went completely flat, much to our dismay. They have remained so for some time now and will stay that way, as unfortunately the people that admire them are passing away. This 1974 Triumph TR6 is still an awesome car to drive, mainly because of the exhaust note and seating position. This example is finished in arguably the very best colour that they were manufactured in......Red with Black Trim. The car has been completely…

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