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Australian Classic Cars enjoy a brief rise in value, prior to them dropping again

April 28, 2017
Australian Classic Cars enjoy a brief rise in value, prior to them dropping again

Holden HK Monaro is auctioned online, and in QLD for AU$312,000

Lloyds Auctioneers have now joined in with the massive rise in demand for Classic Cars, with their specialised auctions around the country. The online bidding component allows some of the "astute collectors" to remain anonymous, something that we are all too well aware of, as we meet with them all the time.

This form of online auctioning takes the Classic Car Industry into the 21st Century, and has led to another explosion in values, with some of the Australian Muscle Cars fetching record prices. That said though, and as is always the case, Australian Classic Cars will always wax and wane on value as they have done in the past. This is primarily because Australian Classic Cars are only of interest to a percentage of 22 miillion people, whilst the true stalwarts of the Industry, such as Porsche's, Ferrari's, Mercedes-Benz's, Lotus's and Maserati's appeal to the entire world's population, and as such never ever drop in value, and always enjoy significant upward growth year on year.

The Australian Classic Cars always rise when property values rise, and then always fall when interest rates rise, and property levels out, or drops in value as it will for the Eastern States of the country this year. The astute collectors discussed in the Article below by Channel Nine Finance, will also have a major stable of collectible European Classics and Modern Classics, as they provide the sustained growth.

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