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Car Importation from the UK or U.S.A to Australia

How to import your car to Australia with Supercar Secrets

We can ship you're Classic Car by either Container from the United Kingdom to Australia, OR by Roll-on, Roll-off methods.

We can provide the complete service from door to door, and utilise our own fleet of sealed enclosed car transporters in the United Kingdom as well as in Australia. Because the transporters are completely sealed, not even allow the lightest of dusts is allowed into the area in which you're pride and joy is secured. We can collect from any vendor, anywhere in the British Isles, and deliver direct to you in Australia. 

We can then ship you're Classic Car from the ports of either Southampton or Felixstowe at a lower rate than anyone else, because we look after the cars oursleves all the way through the process. We have regular shipments to Melbourne, Sydney Adelaide or Brisbane, and have been shipping cars to Australia for ourselves as well as for investor clients now for over 30 years. We have a small and very dedicated team of experts that love these cars. Please call us for you're personal requirements

Container Classic Car Shipping to Australia

We ship cars two by two in 40 foot containers, and NEVER place more than two cars in a container, due to the massive risk of damage that has been experienced by so many people using other systems where more than two cars are fitted into one 40 foot container.

We are happy to assist in packing personal effects, car parts, spares, tools or other items into the cars prior to shipping, and assist in the entire process at both ends

Roll on Roll off Classic Car Shipping to Australia

We do not recommend Roll-on, Roll-off shipping for Classic Cars from the United Kingdom to Australia, as the drivers that load the cars onto the ship initially, and then change them over from one ship to another in a foreign port, do not drive the cars slowly, and do not warm the engines first !.

Which Ports do we ship to ?

Whilst we can ship containers containing Classic and Modern Classic Cars to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, most of our containers come directly to Sydney, as this significantly reduces costs, and therefore the amount that you pay for the service.

What else do you need to import a Classic Car into Australia

1) VIA (Vehicle Import Application)

Because we import many of our own Classic and Modern Classic Cars into Australia all the time, we are very conversant with ALL of the many rules under which cars may be imported. One of the most important parts of the procedure is the Vehicle Import Application, and we complete all of these on behalf of all of our clients, priorto shipping. If there is no VIA, then the car cannot be imported into Australia, and will be re-exported at the expense of the owner.

2) ACM (Asbestos Containing Material )

The law in Australia prohibits the importation of ANY vehicle that contains any asbestos parts in any part of the vehicle. Some overseas cars did contain asbestos within the clutch lining material, brake pads or brake shoes, or some gaskets. As a result, we have skilled staff members on hand to carry out work on you're Classic Cars immediately should this be required, in order to allow the car to be released by Border Force. An Asbestos Expert will inspect the vehicle prior to it being released to us, and the costs of carrying out this work are minimal due to the way in which we are structured.

Please read this ruling by the Australian Government :


3) Customs Documentation and Clearance

We handle all of the exportation papers that are required to ensure that you're pride and joy leaves the United Kingdom in the correct way. The British registration papers are called V5's and if these are not completed correctly the car may never be able to be re-imported back into the United Kingdom without the payment of further duties and taxes, DESPITE the fact that the car may have origintaed from that country. In that case, more monies would have to be paid, followed by a NOVA Application (Notification of Vehicle Arrival) which is extremely lengthy, as it goes on to involve many communications with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authority). Whilst many Classic Car owners may not feel that their car may end up being returned to the United Kingdom, this can quite often be the case due to the massive value rises of Classic Cars, especially in Europe and the United Kingdom. We are currrently restoring a considerable number of Range Rover Classics, many of which originated in Britain. Many of the owners of these vehicles will return these higly valuable commodities to the United Kingdom upon completion, and if not done correctly, the process can be so lengthy, that some people we have known have given up !.

In addition, all of the above points have to be convered in order to import the car into Australia, along with the payment of the correct duties and taxes.

How much does it cost to ship a car to Australia?

We can ship Roll on/Roll off Classic Cars from the United Kingdom into Sydney in Australia for as little as $2400, all inclusive.

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