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Do you own a current car that DROPS in value ?

Would you like to move to an exciting car that RISES in value ?

With Australian Property having recently dropped significantly and the stock market rocky, SMSF Investors are now switching to Collectible Cars. What other investment has yield ?.

You can now be AHEAD OF THE MARKET by purchasing specific Collectible Cars through us WELL BEFORE they begin to rise in value.

You can then ride the gain, capitalise, and then move onto the next growth car, which can be a 40 year old car or a 2 year old car, and is often worth more in one market than another......So we move it.

If you are serious about making money, call us NOW.


The cars shown above have had their run, and  are now at the TOP END of their growth.

We are now purchasing many of the next 52 cars that will double, and possibly triple in value.

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Australia now has it's turn at an industry that quadrupled in size in the U.K over the last 5 years. Just read our News Articles to find out more, which are all written by the world's leading Financial Authorities.

There are now 52 cars that will at least triple in value over the next 12 months, with 11 more that will see sizeable gains in 2019-2020. Please note that we are NOT part of the Classic Car Market, as our cars are ONLY purchased for Capital Growth. Each car has to be precisely the correct make and model, with total originality throughout. We are only EVER working with  a maximum of 5-6% of the total Classic, and Modern Classic Car Market, or less. Our area of interest is VERY specific, and there is no information available anywhere elsewhere that explains what we do.

This was the Global outlook for Collectible/Classic Cars until 2015, and the trend has continued :

Graph showing classic car investments against indicies

This Graph is courtesy of "This is Money" , the financial website of the year.

The boom is on. All of our cars sell ''off market'', with NO advertising, to astute Private Car Collectors that we are connected with, except a handful that we personally retain for our own future prosperity. Generally speaking, these Collectors have tripled their money across all of their Collectible, Classic and Unique Cars in the last 2-3 years. Real Estate does not even get close, as some of their cars are worth US$20-40 Million.

Almost everyone serious about making money in Europe and the United States has been riding the boom in Collectible Cars for many years now, and now the boom has arrived in Australia. All across Europe, there are endless television shows, magazines and newspapars that come out every week full of Collectible Cars and Unique Cars to buy, and every mainstream publication in Britain runs features on these cars.

This boom is now so prolific in Europe that even Britain's Financial Times runs Seminar's on Classic Car Investing, due to the fact that Classic and Collectible Cars have been rising in value continuously for the last 20 years, making them very safe territory.

The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index shows us that Classic and Collectible Cars have now yielded over 476% returns over the last 10 years. Whilst this is general knowledge amongst Collectible Car lovers, to others it is still new.

The boom in Australia is still in it's infancy, and so the oppurtunities are sizeable.

We make the process of getting involved very simple :

1) Call us and introduce yourself to us.

2) Tell us which of the 52 Collectible Cars that you would like to be involved with.

3) Tell us if you would like to become involved full time, or part time.

4) Come and join us in a very lucrative vocation that is loads of fun, and is the new Asset Class for Investors.

View the growth in Global Classic Car prices (courtesy of Hagerty)

DOI versus DAX and DJIA
This graph shows the leading European classic car valuation index (DOI) compared to the Dow Jones and the German Stock Exchange.

Price Evolution 2004-2012 volume impact
This graph shows the rise in Model Values compared to the Swiss Market Index of blue-chip stocks.

View more car value growth charts

Purchase a Collecitible Car

Just as with property and shares, there are makes and models to acquire, and those to avoid. There can be one manufacturer with 2 models built on the same day in the same factory, and yet one will rise astronomically, and one will remain stable, or fall in value.

Have your Collectible Car restored by us

Restoring your current Collectible Car to the way that it was when it was new is one of two ways to reach the absolute pinnacle of your return on investment, as there are 3 different conditions that unique cars are sold as, and taking your car up one grade will net large returns. Involvement Options 

Get yourself into the Collectible Car business

At Supercar Secrets we move vehicles around from country to country, as they are quite often worth considerably more in one country than another. You can have your unique car, or classic car shipped to Australia, use it for a year or two, and then ship it back to Europe or The United States. Join us in our classic car business Blog.