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We have now opened a Collectible Car Restoration Centre, which is located in Sydney, Australia.

Our new facilities feature all that one could ever dream of with such an enterprise. We have 2 new Paint Ovens within the accompanying building, where all of the panel work takes place. In addition to that, our workshop factory facilities are large and expansive, which allows us to return your pride and joy to it's original former glory.
Our work is of the highest order and is performed by over qualified experts from the world of top quality restorations.

Total Restoration Mandate

Work starts on your Classic Range Rover as soon as it arrives at our new Sydney facility. We commence by removing every part from the body and chassis, although only after first sitting with you for as long as it takes to understand exactly what you would like to achieve from the rebuild. Following that, contracts are signed, and the work commences.

We will undertake the following work for you :

  1. We strip the vehicle completely
  2. We remove all of the panels from the vehicle
  3. We move the body to our Shotblasting area, where the bodyshell alone is blasted.
  4. We then create a full list of the components that we have removed.
  5. We move the bodyshell from the Shotblasting area into the Panel Area, where all body repair work is undertaken on the frame, as well as upon each of the panels.
  6. We then move the body into the Paint Area, where 5 coats of fresh paint are added to the body, utilising the exact period paint.
  7. We then send the engine to the Engine area, and the transmission to the Transmission area, where both units are totally dismantled for a full inspection of all the components.
  8. We then list all of the parts that are required to return the engine and transmission to their original condition.
  9. We then undertake the ordering of the required components.
  10. We then carry out the same procedure with the differential and/or transmission components.
  11. We then turn our attention to the interior of the vehicle, which is all removed at this stage.
  12. We send all of the components to the Interior Trim area, where every part is carefully re-trimmed as the original was.
  13. We then gather all of the parts together and set them aside into specific areas.
  14. We then commence installation of all the interior and body components to the body itself
  15. We then commence the fitting of all the engine components to the bodyshell itself.
  16. We then also refit all of the transmission and/or differential parts to the body.
  17. Finally, we test all of the individual components for operation.
  18. We then drive the car for an extended period of time to ensure that everything is working perfectly.