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Barn Finds

Barn Finds, and other cars requiring restoration

We have access to very large quantities of Barn Find Collectible Cars, and are now going to release a small number of these examples to the public, after first informing our Investors. We will allow our Investors 7 days to complete their purchase, after which the cars will be listed here.

As we now have a large Restoration Centre that is flat out restoring some of the fastest rising Classic and Modern Classic Cars, we cannot keep all the cars that we are gathering together.

Some of the cars listed need very little work, some will be simple restorations, while some are much more complicated, especially with the Range Rover Classic's.

  • 1979 Ferrari 308 GTSi

    Engine:3 Litre V8, injected
    Transmission:5 Speed Manual
    Body Type:Coupe

    This car is a 1979 Ferrari 308 GTSi in that is finished in Rosso Corsa with oatmeal leather upholstery. The car is in average condition throughout, and has not been driven for some time. The car was sold as a new car in the United States, and so is LHD.

    AU $45,200
    GB £24,724

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  • Jaguar S Type

    Engine:3800 cc straight 6
    Body Type:Sedan

    This car is a perfect restoration project, as it is almost all there. It is a great basis for the serious collector, as it has a great history file that goes with the car.

    AU $5,900
    GB £3,304

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  • Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Cabriolet

    Engine:3.2 litre Flat Six
    Transmission:5 Speed Manual
    Body Type:Cabriolet
    Odometer:179,462 kms

    This is one of several 911 SC's that we unfortunately still have. This one is a 1983 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Cabriolet in LHD. The car features the later, more powerful power unit, is Guards Red in colour with a contrasting black interior. The car has 179,462  kms showing on the odometer, and so is of NO interest to a Collector or anyone serious about Collectible Car Investing. That said, the car does have a full Service History.

    AU $32,000
    GB £17,504

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  • Porsche 911 SC 3.0

    Engine:Flat 6 cylinder 3 Litre
    Body Type:Coupe

    We purchased this car approximately a year ago as a Barn Find, and have reassembled the engine since then. The car is complete.

    AU $29,500
    GB £15,950

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  • Range Rover Suffix A

    Engine:3.5 Litre V8
    Transmission:4 speed manual
    Body Type:SUV

    The vehicle is a 1970 Range Rover Suffix A within the first 57 vehicles built when new, and is the highly sought after 355 chassis designation (U.K. delivered new, and so now worth £100,000 PLUS in the U.K), with the engraved side badges, bonnet mirrors, two-piece waist seals, non-rear wiper or power steering, heat riser exhaust manifold etc. The vehicle has matching numbers, is all original, and requires a TOTAL restoration, and is in the same condition as another 23 Suffix A-C Range Rover's…

    AU $19700
    GB £10835

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  • ROLLS ROYCE Cloud 2

    Body Type:Saloon

    A very rare car that has been restored in certain areas. The car is externally immaculate, having unmarked Metallic Blue paintwork, as well as a beige leather interior that is not complete.

    AU $68,000
    GB £37,196

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