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Classic and Sportscar Magazine feature the Lotus Esprit in January, 2017 edition

Classic and Sportscar Magazine feature the Lotus Esprit in January, 2017 edition

The incredible Lotus Esprit is now getting the write-ups that it deserves

As we all know, if a Classic or Modern Classic Car gets a write up in a magazine, then prices skyrocket overnight, as everyone rushes out to purchase cars, in an attempt to beat the market. This editorial in the January, 2017 edition of Classic and Sporstcar Magazine will re-write the future for Esprit's.

There have been several editorials done on the fabulous Lotus Esprit, although not too many are as comprehensive as this one. This will undoubtedly trigger a rush to purchase cars, which could be interesting in Australia, as we have four (4) V8 Esprit's as well as loads of X180 variants (Stevens shape), and other models in readiness for the boom.

Classic and Sportscar Magazine feature these cars within a four (4) colour page spread on Page 194 of the magazine, and had this to say about these iconic Supercars :

"Great Value new, and still cheap for supercar performance and handling, the Turbo and V8 Esprits offer among  the most rewarding driving experiences that was ever available for under £50,000, providing that you buy a good one. The V8's are pricier with great potential to bite, but sound better and offer ultimate kudos. Full history and careful ownership make a huge difference, so buy the best!.

The Magazine goes on to summarise these cars in the following way :

"Bargain Supercar.
Stunning appearance.
Great forum and specialist.
Blissful handling and blistering acceleration".

There are only a finite number of cars available worldwide, and only a small number made it into Australia, and so with all of the above on their side, and with low build numbers, these cars will absolutely skyrocket in value now. The numbers built were :

Lotus Esprit Turbo (X180 Stevens ) :  676

Lotus Esprit V8 Twin Turbo (1996-1999 pre-facelift) : 700

Should you decide that a V8 Esprit is for you, please call us and we will help you out, because there have been none on sale Nationally in Australia for over 6 months now......



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