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Classic Cars lead the way, with a 242 times Return on Investment

Classic Cars lead the way, with a 242 times Return on Investment

Leading the way in style

We are now all very comfortable with the fact that Classic Cars quite simply offer the greatest returns of any investment. As the attached linked article in The Times Newspaper attests, it is not difficult to see how this has come about. The single most important point to bear in mind is that all of the collectible asset classes are unified by one single fact that sets these investments apart from others.

They are simply not made any more.

No matter whether it is a famous artwork, a single issue stamp, a special piece of jewellery made for a member of Royalty, or a Classic Car of which only a handful were built , the rules are the same..... When they are all sold, nobody can purchase them any more !.

That is why Ferrari 250GTO's can be sold for $52,000,000, because there were only ever 39 made new between 1962 and 1964. That is 39 in the entire world.

The same rules apply for so many other cars as they do for rare jewellery, artworks by famous (often deceased) artists, rare stamps and coins, and other collectible's.

That said though, and as this article attests, nothing appreciate's quite like Classic Cars. The statistics since 1900 read as follows :

1) Classic Cars gained by 242 times their original value.

2) Classic Wine gained by 60 times their original value.

3) Rare jewellery gained by 30 times their original value.

4) Rare stamps gained by 20 times their original value.

5) Rare musical instuments gained by 16 times their original value.

6) Rare books gained by 7 times their original value.

Roll on Classic Cars, because you can not only look at them and admire them, you can drive them too !................as they rise in value.

Click here to read this Article in The Times Newspaper



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