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Covid-19 boosts the prices of all Collectible Cars, used cars, new cars and even trucks !

by US | February 8, 2021
Covid-19 boosts the prices of all Collectible Cars, used cars, new cars and even trucks !

From the uncertainty of 2020 has come the best times we have ever seen..............

Back on the 2nd of March, 2020 we conversed amongst ourselves in an attempt to determine what Covid-19 was going to mean for our business.

As we saw it, there were three clear options for the Collectible Car Industry going into the future. They were :

1) That all of our valued clients and Collector contacts across three continents could panic, and want to sell all of their Collectible Cars and put the cash in the bank...........and wait out the crisis. This was going to lead to a sharp drop in prices, becoming more pronounced as the panic manifested itself.

2) That our clients, Investors and Collector contacts would sit on their hands and just wait for the drama to pass, without doing anything at all. This would have resulted in a plateauing of prices, and would have caused a long period of no growth for us or our clients.

3) That our Investors, Collector contacts and the public in general would want to distract themselves from the generally sad news of the Pandemic, as well as start to use some of the funds that were originally earmarked for global travel. Put simply, they would spend, and spend big.

Now as time has shown us, option 3) was the one that car purchasers chose globally, as the meteoric rise in prices has occurred in Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Wales, Belgium, France, as well as Germany. Prices of all non-new cars have risen dramatically, with some of our Collectible Cars reaching anything up to 200% in gain. The gain in conventional "ordinary" used cars is 36.2%, as this 6th, January, 2021 Commonwealth Bank Economic Insight shows :

Click here to read this News Article from Commsec (Commonwealth Bank)

How far will this trend with ordinary used cars go ?.

Will the massive rise in Collectible Car Prices continue ?

The answer to these two questions are linked. As long as Australian borders are closed, meaning no travel for any of us, then prices will continue to surge of all cars, due to the excess $190 Billion cash that is kicking around in the economy due to our restricted outlook. When the extra cash is coupled with the fact that Australians and people in Britain and across Europe love their cars, prices in all of those countries will continue to rise to meet the demand, which is at an all time high.

Add to this that there is a growing need in all of these countries to spend money on things that make one feel good in challenging times, and the future is starting to look fantastic for us, and for all who choose to sail with us.

This thread from a few months back, on the recently famous Reddit platform, points out just how the Modern japanese Classics that we are heavily involved with have gone ballistic in price :

Click here to read this Thread on Reddit

Happy Days are here !.

Call now to join in with the boom with ONLY the right cars at the right time



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