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The ever growing stable of "Continuation" cars is becoming more interesting.

October 15, 2019
The ever growing stable of

As more and more manufacturers "Find" more and more chassis's and/or parts to build new cars from, interest is growing.

There are two distinctive schools of thought on Continuation cars, with some people loving them for their driveability and reliability. Then there are some people that believe that a true classic car is the original one, from the original year.

Despite which camp you are in, we feel that it is difficult to ignore that these cars are on the rise, and that more and more manufacturers are seeing them as a good source of revenue now that there is no money left in building new cars for the masses (it is the parts and servicing that make new car sales worthwhile).

Some of the cars featured in this great article by Classic and Sportscar Magazine are truly beautiful, and so we can see why more and more of these cars are being undertaken. Because the cars are not a low cost purchase, they attract true connoisseur's, and as such create a really close connection with the manufacturer. The entire purchasing process is a real joy as we discovered with our Aston Martin DB4 GT Continuation experiences. One becomes completely engaged in the wonder of remaking something from 1964, along with all of the procedures to import such cars into Australia.

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We look forward to many more of these cars coming into the Collectible Car space, and to being involved in more of these very exciting experiences.



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