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The Lotus Esprit.........Get one while you can still afford one

October 30, 2017
The Lotus Esprit.........Get one while you can still afford one

As the race to collect the last good Esprit's hots up, the guys at Petrolicious are on the trail.

As this Article suggests, the secret is well and truly out about Lotus Esprit's, and so attention is now turning to obtaining the last great examples. Now that the key people are re-discovering that Lotus's are, and always were one of few cars that offer such an incredible driving experience, the race has really hotted up to obtain the last good ones. We went out actively collecting many examples of these great cars over the past 4 years, and since then there have been more and more article's appearing worldwide discussing the many great virtues of owning a Lotus, and more especially Esprit's.

Yes it is true that many purists love the early Lotus Elan, Elan Plus 2S's, and Europa Twin-Cam's, and that many also love the go-kart speed and handling of a Lotus 7.

Yes, it is also true that many also love the later Exige's and Evora's, and all of thees great cars have their place. In reality, it really does'nt matter which one you choose, as they are all fantastic to drive with razor sharp steering turn-in, mid-corner grip, and outrageous exit speed. All these cars have amazing brakes, and all are ascending in value rapidly,....................and so, what more could one ever ask for !. It just so happens that attention is now on the Esprit, from early ones through to the sensational true Supercar, the V8 Twin Turbo.

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