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UP 82% for the Lotus Esprit, UP 18% for the Land Rover S III in just 3 months, and Abarth UP 30%.

UP 82% for the Lotus Esprit, UP 18% for the Land Rover S III in just 3 months, and Abarth UP 30%.

With a whole new generation of interest in Collectible and Classic Car Investing, prices are exploding.

With another great rise of 24% for the Ford Escort RS2000 over the past 3 months, this now makes 42.4% for the year to date for these great cars. As the truly original ones that we purchase become more and more difficult to locate, prices are booming.

Russ Smith's latest report for March, 2024 shows some outstanding results once again across the past 3 months, on page 17 of the latest issue of Thoroughbred and Classic Cars Magazine. From his relentless research, he outliines a number of great cars that have achieved more than 30% over this past quarter, now that the Collectible Car Market is absolutely flying again.

What is the best classic car to invest in ?...............Well, one that we have personally selected using our criteria.

Whilst none of these cars listed will actually make you money, it is interesting to not that Opel's Manta Coupe made an outstanding gain of 45% in 3 months, whilst the BMW 5 Series was a very unlikely candidate to take off (UP36% in 3 months). Good ones are now so, so rare. With yet more investors flocking to us as they ditch their other low-yield investments, our skills in selecting ALL the cars that will double or triple across the next 6 months are only ever sharpening.

Here a few examples of the cars that those that have to rely on purchasing from advertisements and auctions have been acquiring WELL AFTER the growth has stopped ! :

The Collectible Cars that HAVE risen, and will now STOP their growth (Time to move onto the next 64 cars that have already gaining in value......fast !)

Opel Manta A Coupe                                                                               Up 45% in 3 months

BMW 5-Series                                                                                             Up 36% in 3 months

Ford Escort RS2000                                                                                  Up 24% in 3 months

Land Rover Defender V8                                                                        Up 16% in 3 months

It is of course too late to capitalise on the values of these cars, as they will now stop growing, and so we move on into the next 77 great Collectible Investment Cars that will boom in 3-6 months time.

The dropping Collectible Cars

Bentley Derby 3.5 Coachbuilt                                                                 Down 7.9% in 3 months

Porsche 911 Carrera Supersport                                                            Down 3.5% in 3 months

Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Roadster                                                            Down 4.8% in 3 months

Jaguar E-Type Series I Flat Floor 3.8 fhc                                             Down 4% in 3 months

Call us now to discover the next 64 forgotten cars that will boom over the next 3 months, when everyone will remember them again.



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